Monday, October 28, 2013

100 Word Stories

There was recently a prompt on Janet Reid's blog.

The prompt was to write a 100 word story using the following words:

While the words could be part of a larger word, they did need to be intact within that word.  I came up with two stories.

Story 1:

                Lisa loved Halloween.  It was the most beautiful time of year, and she always impatiently awaited its arrival.  Stories of witchcraft and poltergeists made her hair stand on end; changing leaves warmed her soul.  This year was different.  She had a secret.

She sat outside, shining her witch shoes, waiting for Markus.
           “Markus!”  She ran to her husband and grabbed his hand.  “I have something to tell you.”  She led him inside, motioning for him to sit. 

            “The leaves aren’t the only things changing.”


            "We’re having a baby.”

            And that year, Halloween really was the best day.

Story 2:

Melanie lay under the stars, awaiting Peter’s arrival.  She had crafted a beautiful way to tell him she loved him. Tonight was the night.  The stars were shining brightly in the cloudless sky.  Now, if he would just get here.

She heard a crash, a scream, a baby’s cry.  Melanie jumped and ran toward the street to help.  Two cars mangled into one.  It was Peter.  She called for an ambulance and went to Peter’s door.  He was trapped.  She went to the other car and pulled out the baby.

“Melanie,” Peter gasped.  “I love you.” And he was gone.

Personally, I like the second one better, but two of my readers have suggested that the first one is better.  What do you think?

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